“Hepatitis” is a term that means inflammation of the liver which can have many derived causes. At least six distinct viruses are known to cause hepatitis. There are several types of Hepatitis viruses however all attack the liver.

Hepatitis A is generally transmitted in food or water contaminated with the stool of someone with hepatitis A. This virus causes an acute illness that is usually relatively mild and always goes away on its own. Hepatitis B is spread through contaminated blood or via sexual contact with an infected person. It’s a more dangerous virus that, in about 10 to 20 percent of cases, can cause persistent infections (called chronic infections), damage the liver over time, and even lead to liver cancer. Hepatitis C, or HCV, accounts for only about 15 percent of cases of viral hepatitis. Only 15 to 25 percent of those infected with HCV are able to rid their bodies of the infection completely without treatment. The course of the disease varies greatly from patient to patient.

Living with Hepatitis C can be burdensome for even the most diligent patients. At Vasco Rx we understand the disease and its treatments.

Consultation with our Pharmacists can assist medical providers and patients reach the desired treatment outcome.

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